Monday, July 11, 2005

Before it was adopted by bad men

This Crane Steel logo appears on a valve which currently rests outside our friendly neighborhood archaeologist's office (who, by the way, are very tight lipped when asked about this). Thankfully, my pedigree affords me slightly better-than-average sleuthing skills, and I was able to determine that Crane Steel used the swastika as its company symbol up until the time when the National Socialists adopted it etc., etc. Interestingly, it appears that during and after the war, Crane Steel ceased using the symbol, and went to great lengths to eradicate all traces of it from the products produced before the war. So then, it seems yon valve has some archaeological significance, indeed.


Blogger NeighborNet said...


I found another one of these in a building in Chicago. Is there any way you can point me to the information on the history.

David Kindler

3:07 PM  

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